About us

“Sever” is a new Russian clothing and accessories brand inspired by urban streetwear ideas and Russian North's traditions. High-quality fabrics and designs, edgy colors and prints of the “Sever” brand's collections are created both for youth subcultures and for people who appreciate upscale and challenging things. The brand was born in the very heart of the Russian North, created by the professionals of their craft, the Murmansk UltraMedia company. UltraMedia has been promoting youth culture, organizing parties, and owning a Ultra multi-brand retail chain in Murmansk, creating clothing for young, motivated and imaginative people, for two decades already.

Come join us and dive into our ideas!

The brand was created in mid-2015 in the hero city of Murmansk. We do not praise local values, let others do it. We grow our way, connected with the spirit, traditions and most importantly with the character of the Far North community.
All clothes and accessories are made exclusively in Russia from high quality fabrics. Everything from cardboard packaging to branded sweatshirts. We are proud that we sew things ourselves, and do not buy ready-made ones. That is why we guarantee the quality of every stitch.
We are inspired by what we live in the creation process. There is no place for templates in our design. Each print is an idea inspired by the experience of living in the harsh Far North conditions. We like it, cause the North is the homeland of the brave!

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